ACT 2 : AMI - SAILOR MERCURY. I actually hate the way toei made her earings like that…

Don't worry...I will always be by your side, protecting you...


when you and your homicidal brother go fishing and hook your ex-guitarist/drug peddler/murderer


Made some Ace Attorney phone wallpapers! Feel free to use them if you like ‘em

Part 2


めめめいちゃん | 子豚丸 [pixiv]

Beach beach beach beach


Batman #703

Brothers together.

someone reblogged your klk cosplay and it came up on my dash and i wanted to say it looks really good omg ;u; it's definitely something to be proud of like wow (also youre beautiful rock on yo<333)

Thankyou!! I put a lot of time in to it. I think a lot of people really underestimate the difficulty level of that costume, when you dont take any shortcuts it really is a challenge! There’s some stuff i’d like to change and fix but im pretty darn proud of it.

Aaahh you’re too sweet anon ;_____;

There is no escape from matts selfie photo bombs