P4U2: persona 3 main cast. 

Come on…

Magatsu Izanagi!




this is how false information on tumblr works



Sekai wa koi ni ochiteiru世界は恋に落ちている


Souyo Week 2014
Day 5 - Reunion

This probably fits Day 6’s theme better but when I was thinking of it I definitely thought of it as “Reunion” haha… ha… A sequel to Day 4 and a prequel to Day 6 if I do it

Someone take Accomplice Ending away from me

so i promised i wouldnt buy any more fabric until i worked through some of the stash i had building up. i have lots of matte vinyl so the first one up is Psylocke! obviously still got tons of stuff to make (and the sash is just a placeholder) but i love butts so have some butts. leotards are the greatest.

not bad for thrown together in 30 minutes. maybe during the long weekend when school isnt so busy i’ll finish this up??

30 minutes of work and it actually looks recognizable. Aw yis. I would have liked to make it a little differently but I literally had JUST enough fabric. I’ll finish the rest tomorrow I guess


Check out this mix on @8tracks: Two pieces that don’t fit. (Dojima/Adachi FST) by OneOfTwo02.

Because Ron did it first.


Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut the hell up!

Home stretch. 250 miles to Los Angeles

We want to try to come back here for a vacation some day. It was so pretty and the air felt so clean (at Georgetown-Silver Plume Historic District)

I really like Colorado. A lot.


Firm believer in “if I can’t see you, you can’t see me”