It’s 2am and I just found an old selfie from wondercon last year. Neat.

Got bored between classes. Made a thing. Yay!


These medical marvels should be studied by NASA!

I got a good parking spot this morning. Today’s gonna be a good day.

Guess what’s being (re) debuted at Comikaze?!? Hopefully I can finish mera in time!!

Pre work selfies. I actually dislike being the only one in the store without a uniform because I’m always awkwardly overdressed or underdressed

The side of my hair is growing in so fast. Also ignore the mess, I’m reorganizing the closet ;_;

Been struggling to find a way to incorporate OTK socks in to outfits

Right side is Gannon last week after his shed - left side is tonight. Little baby is growing so fast he’s shedding again!! Such a grumpybutt.


Top Ten Male Characters as Voted by my Followers

#1: Edward Elric - Fullmetal Alchemist