I’ve officially been cosplaying for 4 years! Whichs means.. it’s time for a booty collage. In no particular order (I should have put them in chronological, huh?)

I actually was overweight when I started cosplaying so really this is only a collage of 3 years of cosplaybooty but whatever you get the idea lets just enjoy butts for another 4 years to come

Sometimes I feel like i’ve done too many persona costumes. Then I rememeber nah, that ain’t even possible. Even silly side/closet costumes like Maid Chie. 

(Please ignore my shitty Shinji and Rise oh my god I pretend those don’t even exist theyre so embarrassingly bad)

If you want to see more of any of the costumes you can check out my  facebook page!!

RRRRRRRACE QUEENS YES so much fun and we’ve got so many more photos coming which you’ll be able to see on my facebook

Chie by me
Yukiko by Crystalikes
Rise by Linz Bee Cosplay

Too much vinyl for one day

Wow I hate vinyl please kill me. It REALLY needs to be shortened but I’m going to do that oncw I make the shorts. @crystalike

Merry Christmas everyone~! <3

This is a 2 year old picture that someone on tumblr asked me to take way back when. I havent done any christmas related cosplays since so i’ll post it instead. Cant believe it was so long ago.

In an attempt to motivate myself to get workin’ on new Chie stuff for ALA, i’m spammin’ some cosplay stuff and things. I miss being Chie, I cant wait to do more outfits!

Sudden realization that i’ve done.. a LOT of Persona cosplays, geez. And I’ve got so many more planned. Aaaaaaaawww yes. (also i like to pretend that my shinji cosplay doesnt exist)

if you want to stalk my progress on my newer persona stuff (and see more old stuff) i post it all over at  my facebook!

Thought this was an interesting comparison - First time I wore Chie vs the most recent (Spring of this year)

This is the exact same costume. Same wig, jacket and skirt. (I did get new shorts and shoes.) Nothing has been taken in or pinned or anything. I personally see a huuuuge difference in both my face and the fit, and they wasnt really that much time between the two. 

Just thought it was something interesting to put together!

AX Lineup! I’ll probably only wear starfire for half of saturday and change in to mera, but this is the plan so far~

So at the beginning of March Crystal and I got some awesome Chie/Yukiko photos together~!! I have no idea why I didnt post them sooner. I had a lot of fun finally rewearing Chie and Crystal is the best Yukiko ever *A*

Chie by Me
Yukiko by Crystal ( girl, link me to your tumblr!! I cant remember the url D: )

remember this guys 

SO this one time a shoot happened and the photos were all horrible because of absolutely shit lighting. No natural light PLUS yellow walls and yellow lights made for extremely low quality, noisy photos.

I did the best I could to save this photo and fix the lighting, but there’s not much I could do about the lack of focus and the noise.. bluh. ITRIED. 

Shadow Yukiko - A Princess and her Prince by *tenleid

2012 was a really great year for me, cosplay-wise. I completed 14 costumes, which is ridiculously crazy compared to the 3 I did in 2011.. 2013 is going to be filled with much more complex costumes! Less costumes, but more detailed.

I really want to know, though - Out of the 14 I completed this year, which is everybodys favorite? Please let me know!  

High Quality version!


Reach Out to the Truth by *tenleid