Thanks for all the suggestions yesterday!! Think it’s looking better?! Based off all of those I made some alterations. Still have lots to do but it’s getting there! My boob contouring is hella sloppy but I can’t be assed to do it fully right now. #catwoman #batman #dc #kotobukiya #cosplay

I might remake my Rise top because of fit issues; if youre interested in buying the original, send me an ask or a fb message!

I have pretty broad shoulders so the one I made ended up not fitting too well, and ill have to remake it. if youre interested in the one i made originally (its around a US Small, ill send you exact measurements if youre interested!) Send me an ask~~

new life plan: abandon all previous goals and just become Rise. livin dat idol life.

whenever i can finish her uniform ill post it over on my facebook!!

Another shot of the wig because whatever I’m in love. #p4 #p4au #persona4 #risette #risekujikawa #cosplay

AAAAHHH GOT MY RISE WIG AND WORKED ON THE UNIFORM SOME MORE. still so much to do but I’m so in love with this wig ughnnnnnnn it was so worth the money #persona4 #p4 #p4au #persona4arena #risekujikawa #risette #cosplay #atlus

Kikiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. She’s so cute. #cosplay #studioghibli

Menace progresssssss. Holy shit it took way too long to get to this point. I’m so bad at things that don’t involve sewing ;___; still got lots to do before moving on but it’s a start!!

so i promised i wouldnt buy any more fabric until i worked through some of the stash i had building up. i have lots of matte vinyl so the first one up is Psylocke! obviously still got tons of stuff to make (and the sash is just a placeholder) but i love butts so have some butts. leotards are the greatest.

not bad for thrown together in 30 minutes. maybe during the long weekend when school isnt so busy i’ll finish this up??

Favourite Catwoman photos so far because ughhh I really just love being Selina so much. Cant wait to start on her Kotobukiya suit!!

HELLO YES I FINALLY FISHED MY KAMUI SENKETSU COSTUME. This took forever because I refused to take any shortcuts and im glad I stuck with it. There’s some stuff I want to fix up before I wear it next but overall this was a LOT OF WORK, more than you guys can probably even comprehend, and im so glad it all came together finally.

You can see a full list of credits on my facebook.
All swords made by CeruleanDraco!
(If you want to see the HQs of these, i’ve got em on my Cospix!)

I got hella bored the other night and decided to take a bunch of selfies. because whatever. I dont even have a good excuse for it, I just miss wearing Yoko. 

if you want to see photos of my actual yoko costume you can see them on my facebook blah blah blah

There is no escape from matts selfie photo bombs

YOU GUYS IM SO HAPPY I COULD CRY so much work went in to this over the last 6 months, it was way outside my skill level tbh and I didn’t take any shortcuts even though I REALLY WANTED TO. Can’t wait to get pics back. #killlakill #klk #klkcosplay #killlakillcosplay #ryukomatoi

HAHAHA KILL ME. remade the top for a THIRD DAMN TIME. still so much to do, and shoot is in a few hours hahahaha…ha.. #killlakill #klkcosplay #killlakillcosplay #klk #ryukomatoi

HEY YOU GUYS. I’m selling two catwoman related costume pieces; A spare vinyl suit I made (not the one I wore to Wondercon, this one is unworn save for the photo you see there) as well as my sweater based on the adorable design by Hanie Mohd! 

If you’re interested in buying them you can head on over to my storenvy to see some more details. Feel free to send me an ask if you have any questions!!