A little FAQ!

My name is Yazy! I’m 19, currently reside in Southern California (althoug h I am really from the Great White North)

Where did you get your ____ costume
Unless otherwise stated, I make all of my costumes! If I bought something somewhere, it will say in the post discription.

How can I make my own costumes?
Go buy a sewing machine and get practising! You can get them for 100$. Ive been sewing for about 3 years now, and my first year was an absolute joke, I was horrible! i just keep trying and following tutorials and learning new things

The convention is in a week and I need to lose 30lbs, help!
I have a tag specifically for fitness questions and help, and it it’s not answered there send me an ask! (But please dont ask how to do something impossible like 30lbs in a week.)

Do you take commissions? 
Currently, yes! I take wig and costume commissions. You can send me an ask or an email (which is preferred) yazy (at) live (dot) ca

Can we get married pls
Probably not, but you’ll need to redirect that question to matt 

Can you make a tutorial for ____
Probably, just send me an ask about it! I like making tutorials.

2012/13 conventions (Just for reference~)


  • Kida
  • Battle Panties Mitsuru
  • Jack Frost 
  • Asuka

Anime Los Angeles

  • Cheyenne 
  • Bulma
  • Jack Frost


  • Konohanasakuya!Yukiko
  • Shadow Yukiko

March Toronto Comicon

Anime North

  • Kida
  • Yoko


Anime Expo

  • Catwoman