Better shot of my hair!! :3

new life plan: abandon all previous goals and just become Rise. livin dat idol life.

whenever i can finish her uniform ill post it over on my facebook!!

so i promised i wouldnt buy any more fabric until i worked through some of the stash i had building up. i have lots of matte vinyl so the first one up is Psylocke! obviously still got tons of stuff to make (and the sash is just a placeholder) but i love butts so have some butts. leotards are the greatest.

not bad for thrown together in 30 minutes. maybe during the long weekend when school isnt so busy i’ll finish this up??

I got hella bored the other night and decided to take a bunch of selfies. because whatever. I dont even have a good excuse for it, I just miss wearing Yoko. 

if you want to see photos of my actual yoko costume you can see them on my facebook blah blah blah

There is no escape from matts selfie photo bombs

#ootd because I haven’t worn these leggings in forever but still really love them~

Tired as hell for absolutely no reason, and spending my Friday night at work. Ah well.

I just realized I never posted photos of when I wore Timeskip Yoko at ALA??

I originally had retired this costume, but when AZHP asked me to bring her to ALA to shoot with LinzBee as Nia, I couldnt say no. I really dont think I’ll wear this version of Yoko again, considering I’ve been wearing it for 2 years now! (Middle photo is a hall shot, btw. Top and bottom by AZHP!)


So I’ve wanted to do a Sailor moon Punk shoot for a while. A long while. And it happened all because I met Piggynukka and then got asked after the first shoot to do another with Tenleid as her Mars.

If anything I’m slowly getting through photos and having them posted on my facebook.

hello yes everyone look at nikki being a badass babe, please pay no attention to the wig i screwed up ok thanks

Actually getting stuff done today before work. Somehow managed to escape fanime without con plague.

#regram from the super awesome @cospixnet who shot our punk sailor scout group! So excited for photos, this was the most fun I’ve ever had in a large group. #sailormoon #fanime2014 #fanime


Had such a great time with my bad ass sailorscout bitches. @katigiri @piggynukka @itselectriclady #sailormoon

Senshiiiiies @itselectriclady

…it’ll make more sense in the group I swear