I dont think i’ve posted my green lantern yet, have I?

This costume was originally Matts. We’ve decided to remake it, so I took the costume in to fit me better and used what I had to make my own member of the corp. 


This small footstool was made by my mom (and then painted) in highschool. She’s kept it around since then, through all of our many moves; and it’s a memory of mine. It’s the stool that helped me reach parts of her bookshelf to get that gameboy she grounded me from, or to get up on her bed when I was still too short. It helped me brush my teeth all by myself in the tall bathroom sink, and when I was a little older, help my mom around the house with things like changing lightbulbs when she had broken both of her wrists. 

With my mom hitting a birthday milestone yesterday, I wanted to get something that held meaning for both of us, and this is what came of it! I def wont be getting any other rib tattoos any time soon, there’s absolutely nothing pleasant about the feeling of your entire ribcage vibrating

Nurse Sonico

More here!

…Well this was fun.

After I calmed down about how INSANE the most recent KLK episode was, I realized I had a wig the was (kind of) useful for Satsuki, So I threw it on!! I know its not perfect but this isn’t a serious costume at all - I didnt want to cut the wig since it is for another character, plus it’s a little too blue.

This is just a silly, quick costume because I had it all laying around and I’ve been wanting to do Satsuki for a while now. YEAH. (Pls forgive my skirt, I dont have an iron right now and its killing me)

i’m not very good at this commanding badass bitch thing sigh

Comfy kill la kill sweater ft my busted-ass “I want to die I’m so tired” face.

Bored-ass work selfies because its slow and Id rather be at home. Blaaaaaahhhhhh


Ive got more Ryuko photos over on my facebook page!

Aahhh So I did a shoot with Freman9 Photography to FINALLY get more photos of Starfire! I’m super happy with how they turned out. A few of them are great photos but a little boring because of the plain background and stuff, so i’m want to see if someone can edit them to make em more exciting (my photoshop skills are shit lmao)

This is just such an uncomfortable costume that I can barely move/see in so im so happy we finally got actually good photos!!

If you’re interested in seeing more i’m going to be posting it all on my facebook page

goofin’ around with my asuka wig. gotta work on my mega bitch face

(whoops ignore how messy the room is, we’re moving right now so things are kind of nutty)

My birthday gift from matt finally arrived!! (Please ignore how tired I look I’m still super sick aaaaah)

so am i the only one who ships these two orrrrrrr..

(this looks really sick when you click to view the full photo!!)

Absolute Authority - Kill La Kill by tenleid

RRRRRRRACE QUEENS YES so much fun and we’ve got so many more photos coming which you’ll be able to see on my facebook

Chie by me
Yukiko by Crystalikes
Rise by Linz Bee Cosplay

I tried on my asuka wig for fun today.. I really like it! I just need to stop being lazy and fix the bangs

Got fed up with having my hair grown out so I cut it all off on a whim. It’s so much easier to manage now. Just wish I could get a decent photo of it. Ah well.

2013 Cosplay Review~

As inspired by my waifu luluko, here’s my cosplay year in review!

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