HEY TUMBLR i just realized i never posted any Rise photos here. 

More on my facebook!!

I have so many rise selfies on my phone, you guys are never going to see the end of this #risekujikawa #persona4 #p4 #cosplay

Quick morning shoot~!#risekujikawa #persona4 #p4 #cosplay

new life plan: abandon all previous goals and just become Rise. livin dat idol life.

whenever i can finish her uniform ill post it over on my facebook!!

Another shot of the wig because whatever I’m in love. #p4 #p4au #persona4 #risette #risekujikawa #cosplay

AAAAHHH GOT MY RISE WIG AND WORKED ON THE UNIFORM SOME MORE. still so much to do but I’m so in love with this wig ughnnnnnnn it was so worth the money #persona4 #p4 #p4au #persona4arena #risekujikawa #risette #cosplay #atlus


#chiesatonaka #persona4 #p4 #atlususa #cosplay #ax2014 #animeexpo

Sometimes I feel like i’ve done too many persona costumes. Then I rememeber nah, that ain’t even possible. Even silly side/closet costumes like Maid Chie. 

(Please ignore my shitty Shinji and Rise oh my god I pretend those don’t even exist theyre so embarrassingly bad)

If you want to see more of any of the costumes you can check out my  facebook page!!

and here i am constantly raving on and on about how much i love the persona fandom and how its one of the most friendly fandoms i’ve ever been a part of. people getting mad on my cosplay pictures is nothing new, but i think this is the first time in the 4 years ive been cosplaying persona that its actually happened within the fandom :x ah well

RRRRRRRACE QUEENS YES so much fun and we’ve got so many more photos coming which you’ll be able to see on my facebook

Chie by me
Yukiko by Crystalikes
Rise by Linz Bee Cosplay

Merry Christmas everyone~! <3

This is a 2 year old picture that someone on tumblr asked me to take way back when. I havent done any christmas related cosplays since so i’ll post it instead. Cant believe it was so long ago.

I dont think I was ever really 100% happy with my Shadow Yukiko cosplay?? I love being a slutty princess and that costume went through SO MANY revisions over the course of the year I wore it, yet I was never really satisfied with it? There’s so many things I want to change I really need to remake this costume kjgdkghjfk

In an attempt to motivate myself to get workin’ on new Chie stuff for ALA, i’m spammin’ some cosplay stuff and things. I miss being Chie, I cant wait to do more outfits!

Sudden realization that i’ve done.. a LOT of Persona cosplays, geez. And I’ve got so many more planned. Aaaaaaaawww yes. (also i like to pretend that my shinji cosplay doesnt exist)

if you want to stalk my progress on my newer persona stuff (and see more old stuff) i post it all over at  my facebook!