HEY GUYS SO UH just a friendly reminder that i have a cosplay page where i post progress, and tons of pictures and stuff. I’m trying to get to 1000 likes, and I think im going to do a Worbla giveaway when I do so if you’ve liked my page you can be included in that!! 

you can like it here!! (*´▽`*)

help i love cosplaying yoko too much can it be con season again pls

Yoko Littner - At the surface by *tenleid

Came across an old yoko photo from the summer. no idea why i never posted it, amanda takes such amazing photos *A*

Pre-Timeskip Yoko by *tenleid

Mooore Yoko pictures~! These ones may lack dat ass but hopefully you guys still like them. I put a lot of effort into this costume + my gun (considering how tiny that top is, it took hours of work fffff)

Today was Unplugged Expo! For its first year, it did really well~! I had fun as Yoko and will probably end up going back next year.

I did an awesome shoot with my friend chris, and here’s two of the shots! i’ll probably post more when im done editing them (herp derp shitty lighting) but here’s the two I fixed up just now. Hope you guys like them~! <3 I absolutely love cosplaying yoko hnnngh she’s so perfect 

One of my favorite photos from the shoot aaah <3

Fight On - Gurren Lagann by *tenleid